Our referral scheme offers clients an opportunity to refer his/her friends and get rewards for each referral they made. Both the referrer and referee will get a free service charge on their next transaction.

How does referral work?
  1. You send referral links to your friends.
  2. Your friend signup using your referral link.
  3. Your friend send money.
  4. Your friend’s transaction got delivered.
  5. A promo code will be awarded to you with the value of the transaction service charge.
  6. The promo code will be applied automatically in your next transaction.
Validity of Referral of the promo code:

The validity of the promo code is specific and must be used within its validity period. If it passed its validity dates, you are no longer able to use it as a reward.

Value of Rewards:

The value of rewards are depending upon the Legal Remit’s campaign. Legal Remit may revise the referral rewards from time to time to make sure it is beneficial for both the user and the company itself.

Birthday offer:

Legal Remit offers each user a promo code on the occasion of our client's birthday. This promo code will be valid for one month starting 7 days before your birthday. The promo code will waive your service charge.

Other Offers:

We announce different types of marketing and promotion campaigns such as festival offers, different types of customer engagement in the quiz and involvement in social media. The value of the Prize and model of the rewards will be determined by the marketing team of Legal Remit. Dasian, Tihar, Chhat, Holi, Father's day, Mother's day, and Teej are the common festivals we celebrate with our clients. Quiz related to the different sectors such as sports, social life and rituals etc. Note: All sorts of referrals and rewards are subjects to change at any time without prior notice. However, granted rewards are valid and usable until their validity. Clients must comply with the campaign’s terms and conditions determined by the Legal Remit team.

All sorts of referrals are rewards and are subjects to change at any time without prior notice. However, granted rewards are valid and usable until their validity.

यसपालि पनि जित्ने होइन त Macbook Air, Ipad, अनि Apple Watch ?
!!!Dashain Festival giveaway campaign!!!

We are thrilled to introduce our Dashain Festival giveaway for Dashain 2023. Send money from Australia to Nepal via Legal Remit during Dashain, and you have a chance to win exciting prizes every week. Please note that this promotional campaign is governed by Legal Remit's giveaway terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of the Dashain Festival giveaway campaign
  1. Validity - This offer will be valid from 11 October to 24 October 2023 (*inclusive).
  2. Eligibility - Clients who send money from Australia to Nepal during the specified period via Legal Remit are eligible for participation in the lucky draws.
    1. Only Australian residents with Australian addresses, contact details, and IDs are eligible to participate in this campaign.
    2. Clients who send money from Australia to Nepal during the specified period via the Legal Remit website or app are eligible for participation in the lucky draw.
    3. Only successful transactions qualify for entry into the lucky draw.
    4. Unconfirmed, Cancelled, and refunded transactions do not qualify for participation in the draw.
    5. Customers are eligible for multiple entries if they participated in the earlier draw.
  3. Prizes - Apple Watch, iPad, and Macbook Air are the first, second, and third draw prizes respectively.
    1. Draw 1 - Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Midnight Sport Band 2022
    2. Draw 2 - iPad 9th Gen WiFi 64GB Grey
    3. Draw 3 - MacBook Air 13.3" M1 8-Core CPU 7-Core GPU 8GB/256GB Silver
  4. Data privacy : All client data will be safeguarded in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act as outlined in Legal Remit's privacy policy.
    1. Client's transaction details such as control number, name, and relevant details will be utilised to run a lucky draw and it will be done by Legal Remit.
    2. The winner's name and Control No will be publicly disclosed on Nepal Tube and Legal Remit's social media platforms.
    3. The winner's name, Control No, mobile number, and postal address will be shared with Nepal Tube's media.
  5. Contact Details - Clients are required to keep their current address and contact information up to date in the Legal Remit App by editing their KYC (Know Your Customer) details. Gifts will be dispatched to the address provided during participation in this promotional campaign.
    1. Change of address - In the event that a client relocates from their previously registered address after participating in the campaign, it is the client's responsibility to promptly update their new address within the Legal Remit App and provide an address proof document.
    2. Change of contact Details - If your contact details change, it is essential to promptly update them within the Legal Remit system. Please note that we solely verify the contact details you have on record in your account.
  6. Claiming Prize - The winner must provide their address verification document, and a transaction invoice displaying the winning control number, their name, address, and mobile number to claim their prize.
  7. Prize Distribution - The prize will be dispatched to the winner's address by our media partner, Nepal Tube, through the Australian Post.
    1. Legal Remit covers the postage expenses.
  8. Participation and Claiming Cost - There are no associated costs for participation or prize claiming. You only need to send money from Australia to Nepal through the Legal Remit platform.
  9. Termination of the campaign - Legal Remit retains the absolute right to conclude this campaign at its discretion, with or without prior notice, under any circumstances. The stated gifts are contingent upon market availability, and Legal Remit reserves the prerogative to replace any prizes should they not be accessible in the market.
Every successful transaction on the Legal Remit platforms constitutes eligibility for each lucky draw.

Note: Clients must comply with the campaign’s terms and conditions determined by the Legal Remit team.