Utility Bill Payment


Bank Deposit / Account Deposit

Bank account deposit is the most preferred way of sending money overseas. Your beneficiary will receive money on their bank account in real-time*, 99% of bank deposit transactions are delivered in minutes or less.

Cash pickup

Cash is available to collect within two
minutes from any location across the country.

Wallet Topup

Wallet top-up is the quickest way to remit money overseas. 99% of transactions are completed in minutes or less.

Nepal Electricity Authority

Pay the electricity bill from Legal Remit in a few minutes. Service is available between 10 AM NPT and 11.59 PM NPT.

Internet Bill payment

You can make payments to your family’s internet service providers all the time using the Legal Remit platform.

Water Bill

You can make a water bill payment in Nepal using Legal Remit with a few fingertips.

Insurance Premium

Now you can pay your insurance premium using Legal Remit’s remittance channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


Keep your beloved connected to you all the time. Our real-time mobile top-up service allows you to top-up your loved ones' mobile phones at any time.

Flight Booking

Flights booking is available online and offline in both models.

Hotel Booking

You can book your accommodation all around the world using our platform.

Car Rental

You can rent a car in more than 200 locations around the world using our platform.

Holiday Packaging/Planning

We offer a lot of refreshment packages customised for you at a low cost.

Trekking in Nepal

Experience some adventure travel in Nepal at an affordable price.

The first company
to introduce
Real-Time Payment

We proudly introduce real-time remittance payments from Australia to Nepal using our cutting-edge technology in 2019.

Utility Bill Payment

We proudly introduce utility bill payments in Nepal from Australia using remittance channel.

A few words from our
amazing customers
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Over 50,000+ customers have
chosen LegalRemit, here’s why:
Blazing Fast Service

99% per cent of your transactions are completed in real-time/ less than 5 minutes.

Easy To Use

Our System is very easy to use and it takes only a few minutes to proceed with your transaction.

24 / 7 Service

You can send and receive money 24/7 using the Legal Remit mobile App and Website.

Amazing Customer's Experience

24/7 customer supports, promised delivery, higher exchange rate and customer friendly system makes our service amazing.

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Cost Effective

Our lowest service charge and higher rate give you great savings. You could save up to 90% on every transfer with Legal Remit*.

Safe & Legal

We are a 100% legal remittance service provider. We verify everyone and protect their funds until it is received by the end beneficiary.

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How to send money with LegalRemit
Sign Up for your account / Create a FREE account

You should create your profile using your name, email, and mobile number. Email and mobile numbers must be verified to continue using the verification link and OTP sent in your mobile number. Name must be matched with the name in your IDs.

Enter your KYC details

Once you verify your mobile with OTP, we ask you to fill in your KYC details. We need basic information about your current residential address (Including house number and postcode), your nationality, and your date of birth. Please click on save and next to move to the next step

Upload your valid ID.

We require you to upload one of the acceptable forms of ID in this step. We only accept three types of IDs at the moment. Passport (any country), Australian Driver's license, and Australian Photo ID (also known as Age Card proof issued by the state government). You should choose the type of ID from the given list, provide an ID number, Its expiry date, and issuing authority. Once you fill out mentioned information, you can upload a copy of your ID and submit your KYC to complete your profile. Now you are ready to send money to your loved ones. Please note that your uploaded ID must be readable and your face should be clearly visible.

Enter your recipient’s details and choose a delivery method

After completing KYC, you can enter your desired amount to send. Then you have to provide recipients' details such as name, address, mobile number, relation, and bank details. The required recipients’ details may vary depending upon the delivery method, and the recipient’s country.

Pay to Legal Remit

After providing all the required information, now you should choose your convenient payment method available in our system. we have 4 payment options available. You can pay us using our pay ID from your bank, you can make a bank transfer using our BSB and Account Number as well. You can pay us using POLI payments by logging into your internet bank. We are adding payment options using Debit cards and credit cards soon.

Track your transfer with our App and notifications

Now you can track your transaction on our APP and website in real-time. We notify you with a popup notification, in-app notification, SMS, and email notification regarding your transaction.